CoWork Greenville office move

This weekend I moved my office. I’m still with CoWork Greenville (soon to be Atlas Local), but they just moved to a new location in the downtown Greenville area. We moved from the neighborhood Southernside (which is just west of city center) to the neighborhood West Greenville (which is actually just south of city center). What can I say, The South naming their neighborhoods poorly is just one of many (and the most benign) ways that they cling to their uniqueness.

The new location is this massive five story structure that spans at least two city blocks. It was built in 1900 to be a cotton mill. Now it has apartments, event space, a gym, a pool and most recently, a bunch of tattooed geeks.

Here are some pictures from the move and getting situated at the new place.

Ben and Landon helping move out of the old place. They actually were quite helpful and loved being around all the grown ups doing grown up things.

Just a fraction of the standing desks and whiteboards.

These guys loaded the truck like it was a game of Tetris. It really was a form of art the way they all got it to fit.

iMacs get seat belts.

Ben and Landon played with other kids while we moved in.

The space is starting to take shape.

The girls joined us that afternoon and got a pic with Mr. Grok.

Landon’s fourth birthday

Today we celebrated an emotional fourth birthday for our youngest son. Emotional because his time on earth has been many highs and many more lows. Some people are not given an easy path and it is amazing to see how they can thrive given their less-then-ideal circumstances. Watching Landon develop his personality cornerstones of thoughtfulness and love for people has taught me so much about my own coping skills.

Landon was our first home birth and it was such an amazing experience for Chelsea and I. Shortly after, things got harder. This isn’t a post for war stories though – there are plenty of those already written – this is a post of celebration and hope because we have found a solution to make his days much easier and have allowed him to flourish even more as a beautiful young child. 

However, I will leave one quick antidote that is representative of our current status. A couple years ago, shortly after we moved here, I took Landon and his siblings out for a bike ride on the Swamp Rabbit. We were 4 or 5 miles from where we parked when Landon lost his mind. This is the non-scientific explanation that we used to describe one of his fits. He would scream and scratch uncontrollably until his arms and legs looked like raw hamburger. When this would happen, we would find a way to restrict access to his hands by covering them in special sleeves and try to distract him by wearing him or snuggling with him. I was without any of these tools or opportunities. Not only that, I was facing a 20 minute bike ride back to the van and a 20 minute drive home. I did the best I could and he calmed down eventually, but I’ve been caring around range anxiety since that experience and found myself uncomfortable roaming too far from home. However, today was a healing experience. We went for a long bike ride today, over 20 miles, and found ourselves passing the exact same spot where Landon lost his mind two years ago. It was very therapeutic to realized that I no longer needed to carry this anxiety with me as those days, for now, are behind us.

Anyways, happy birthday little buddy! You are a rock star!!

Bike to school day

As part of a national bike month, today was Bike to School day and so we did. We appeared to be the only ones, which wasn’t all that surprising, but I’m still glad we did it. Ben is getting better and better at understanding traffic and when cars might turn. It’s nice to ride right beside him on the sidewalk instead of behind him scanning his surroundings for danger while yelling “Watch that car, they don’t see you. Watch that car, they might turn. Slow down until you make eye contact.” I still say those things, but he is generally doing them before the words even come out.